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Provide IT solutions that generate value and growth for our clients, well-being for their collaborators and progress for society.


Open Source is a brilliant idea, capable of producing exceptional software and supporting successful businesses. It's amazing what you can find in Open Source today, spectacular developments created and maintained by geniuses around the world.


To be experts in a complementary set of the best existing Open Source systems, to satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients with professional, effective and economically attractive alternatives.

Our team
Crazy physicist and artist. Entrepreneur of Software Solutions, with experience in Operations and Maintenance. Focused on problem solving, constantly searching for new challenges and knowledge.
Passionate soccer player and master of the grill. Expert in e-commerce, oriented to action and results, with extensive experience in business areas including: Supply Chain, Finance, Marketing and Marketing.
Insatiable traveler, he is our representative in Chile. Project Leader expert in the areas of Systems, Transport and Civil Engineering. Committed, ethical and responsible with society.
Aficionado de la cocina y el senderismo es nuestro administrador de proyectos de tecnología. El traductor oficial entre los desarrolladores y los mortales. Continuamente buscando entregar calidad en nuestros productos.

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