How to optimize the web cache?
How to optimize the web cache? Web cache is a critical technology for optimizing performance on today's websites. Like any type of cache, its function is to temporarily store information to speed up a process, in this case being the loading of web pages together with their elements. Similarly, this also reduces the computational load on the servers. The web cache has become practically indispensable for a good browsing experience, since each time the sites are getting bigger and heavier. Thanks to this technology, loading times [...]
Excel-VBA automation
Automation Excel-VBA What is it and what are the benefits for your company? A very recurring image when looking at computer screens in any company is an Excel sheet. Virtually everyone uses or has used Excel! Despite the large amount of specialized software available, Excel is a tool that we all already know when we start our working lives. Excel has become universal and it is understandable that we use it frequently in our work. Opportunity for Improvement So far so good, however, that each employee of a company carries out their work or part of [...]