Advantages of using Excel-VBA

Advantages of using Excel-VBA


The vast majority of us are familiar with Excel, but some of us may not know what VBA means. The initials mean Visual Basic Applications, this is a macro language. This language is used to create applications that give you the opportunity to extend the functionality of any Microsoft Office software.


Excel-VBA is a tool that was born with the purpose of improving the tasks that you can perform in Excel. In other words, it was created so that you can automate activities so that they can be done with a single click. If you are still not convinced about using VBA, in this article we will mention some of the advantages of using Excel-VBA.


What advantages does Excel-VBA offer me?


  • Save time: one of the main advantages is saving time since VBA solves your most common and complex tasks. This allows us to be more efficient with our work, and turns day-to-day tasks into something simpler and less tedious.
  • Easy to adapt: Because Visual Basic Application was developed under Excel guidelines, it is easy to adapt it to your company, since you are probably already using this software and you don't need to download a new one.
  • Reduces the possibility of errors: Every time we introduce a new formula or command there is the possibility of making a mistake. Using macros you only need to create them once so your processes will always be working perfectly.
  • Personalization: This tool, in addition to offering you the opportunity to create macros, also allows you to create new functions. That's right, you can create functions that don't come in Excel, so you can design them to meet the specific characteristics that you need.


In the event that in your work or school activities you have tasks that are very repetitive, we recommend that you start taking advantage of all the advantages of using Excel-VBA, not only will you save time, you will avoid making mistakes and it will make your day more pleasant, it will help you to improve your resume.


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